PhD CTO Expert DevOps, Big Data & Architect

As a CTO, I design and build scalable, reliable, evolutive and documented architectures from scratch. I have experience in both innovative web projects and big data infrastructures to help you running your business without worrying about your technical stack (see more here)!

Experiences & portfolio

  • November 2014 – january 2015: Hunteed. Development of a complex webapp from scratch. I was in charge of the infrastructure, the algorithms definition and implementation, the scalability of the project, the web-api definition and development, DevOps and project management.
  • November 2014: ifweather (not yet released). I worked on Odesk to boostrap a web-app adn build the stack from scratch.
  • April 2014 – november 2014: CTO & cofounder at Shapter. I did a lot of agile management, DevOps, technical stack definition, as well as the recommendation algorithms and api design for a student oriented social network.
  • January 2012 – april 2014: Head of R&D at adomik. I boostraped the whole infrastructure, designed and developed the algorithms to analyse billions of RTB logs per month. adomik is now healthy and growing !


  • 2012: PhD at École Polytechnique. I worked at the fundamental fluid department and built strong mathematical and programming skills. See here for a complete list of publications.
  • 2009: Engineering degree at ISAE-ENSMA
  • 2009: Master degree in fluid dynamics at Poitiers

Technical stack

Programing Languages

  • ruby, matlab, html, css, javascript, R

Favorite DevOps and project management tools

  • Amazon aws, heroku, debian
  • Codeship, Travis, capistrano
  • rspec, FactoryGirl
  • Github workflow, scrum, Trello
  • Test Driven Development

Big Data / databases

  • Hadoop stream, hive, redshift
  • MongoDb, Redis, SQL, DynamoDb, Neo4j
  • Amazon Elastic MapReduce & related tools

Web development

  • Ruby on rails expert

what they say about me

  • Jesse Fees from ifweather “I paid more in $/hour than I had originally intended, but because he is so skilled, and knows the right questions to ask, and made good recommendations, the project ended up taking fewer hours to complete than I had expected. I’m very impressed with the quality of project he created in such a short amount of time. He was always available to chat, and replied to my questions and emails in a timely manner.” (original comment here)
  • Romain Lhez (hunteed) : Solide, efficace, élégant aurelien nous a fait une belle API Rails. Bien Complétée par le travail de son frère cote front. Go for him! (original comment here)
  • Alexandre Hervé (whom I worked with as a partner for Shapter, Hunteed and ifweather): Aurélien associe d’excellentes capacités d’écoute et de communication à des compétences techniques hors pair. En tant que front dev, travailler sur une api fournie par Aurélien est toujours un plaisir !! (original comment here)